Enjoy Having Beautiful Legs Again! Eliminate the Spider Veins on Your Legs With a Laser Vein-Removal Treatment in Oceanside, CA.

Most people think that their unsightly spider veins on their legs are just a fact of life they will have to learn to live with. They learn to cope by always wearing pants or opaque pantyhose, so their legs are never exposed. Fortunately there are treatment options available that can effectively reduce the appearance of spider veins — even eliminate them entirely — especially on the legs. The most promising treatment by far uses the power of an Nd:YAG laser to treat the problem below the surface of the skin.

Not just any laser will do the job properly. Laser treatments require sophisticated equipment, and only a laser that is especially configured for vein-removal (usually the product of years of research and development) will be able to effectively get rid of your spider veins.

One of the best vein-removal lasers on the market right now is the Fotona Nd:YAG laser. The laser physics and the optics on a Fotona are superior to all of the other lasers today, providing results that are both more effective and less painful.

What Is Unique About The Fotona Laser?

The Fotona laser is the product of over 45 years of research and innovation. Its technical specifications make it the ideal laser for targeting the blood in your the veins you wish to remove, rather than the surface of your skin. The reason this works so well is because the heat of the Fotona laser is extremely precise in how and where it is delivered.

3 Major Advantages of the Fotona Laser:

* True Long-Pulse 1064nm Wavelength
* Patented “Flat Top” Beam Profile
* Self Calibration

The Long-Pulse 1064nm Wavelength: The 1064nm wavelength is the best way to target the blood beneath your skin. Different wavelengths target melanin, or skin pigment, and build up too much heat on the surface of the skin. This makes the treatments for spider veins far less effective, because the laser isn’t able to get beneath your skin to work. It also increases the chances of burns and other problems. The Fotona laser avoids these problems with a long wavelength that targets the hemoglobin beneath the skin. What’s more, the Fotona delivers a true long-pulse beam, which is able to create full-volume heating of the vein, where other lasers tend to only scorch a portion of the vein while leaving the rest intact, or fail to be able to handle anything but the smallest veins to begin with. The Fotona laser can handle veins as thick as your pinky finger! Anything smaller is no problem at all.

The Patented “Flat Top” Beam Profile: The Fotona vein-removal laser provides evenly distributed heat. Most lasers on the market have a messy beam profile (what’s called a “Gaussian” profile), which generates a hot spot in the center of each pulse and much weaker heat around the edges where the energy falls off. A “Gaussian” profile results in sloppy, uneven results, and can lead to scorching or burning. Fotona, however, patented a way of generating a perfect “Flat Top” beam, meaning that the temperature across the pulse is perfectly even. No hot spots. No fall-off at the edges. This makes the Fotona so more effective at uniformly heating the spider veins on your legs and delivering the most precise results.

Self Calibration: Lasers that are not properly calibrated won’t be effective after even 15 or 20 minutes of use. Since most laser operators don’t want to take the time or effort to recalibrate every 15 or 20 minutes, they generally accept the reduced results and try to bring the patients back for numerous treatments (for more and more money). The Fotona laser is truly unique and revolutionary in this sense, with a self-calibration system that automatically calibrates the laser beam automatically — five times every second! Every pulse delivered with the Fotona laser is calibrated internally by two separate sensors and must be absolutely perfect for it to be able to fire. With self-calibration, every pulse of the Fotona laser is perfect, every single time, ensuring that your vein-removal treatments are as precise and quick as possible.

Why The Fotona Laser Is The Best Way To Zap Your Spider Veins

Spider veins on your legs can be extremely unsightly, and most people make the (false) assumption that they are impossible to get rid of.

To eliminate spider veins on your legs, the laser needs to be able to break down the vein walls by heating your blood. Not many lasers are capable of safely and effectively accomplishing this and getting rid of spider veins. The Fotona laser is an exception. The Fotona is the only laser that can eliminate spider veins this effectively without causing skin damage. For the reasons outlined above, the Fotona laser has all of the necessary technology to provide the most effective (and the SAFEST) laser treatments possible.

Your spider veins are perfectly targeted, the blood heated with the greatest precision, and the veins destroyed. The treatment effectively breaks down the walls of the veins, without causing you any harm. In the days following your treatment, your body will absorb the destroyed veins, leaving you with clear, beautiful legs. You may need to follow up with another treatment in six weeks in order to clean up anything that your body has tried to repair, but that will be it.

And you will love the way your legs look without your spider veins.

The Fotona laser is the only laser that can target your veins this effectively and with such safety, providing you with the best results available.

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